Vietnamese women should wear ao dai at work?

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Ao dai in Hoi An, Vietnam

In many English exams in Vietnam, they have the following examination questions: Should Vietnamese women wear "Ao Dai" at work?

The truth, I do not like this question. In fact, women in Vietnam who rarely like to wear long dresses to work. Because it makes them feeling uncomfortable, inconvenient for daily life, cumbersome to operate.

"Ao Dai" is a traditonal costume of Vietnamese. But every Vietnamese women just like to wear it during special occasions, such as traditional festivals and New Year, or go to the temples and pagoda... Especially in the traditional and modern wedding ceremony.

Here are two contrasting views on the ao dai:

I think it is necessary for Vietnamese woman to wear the Ao Dai when they are at work. Firstly, the Ao Dai is the traditional dress of Vietnamese woman. Secondly, wearing the Ao Dai is convenient). Thridly, wearing the Ao Dai makes Vietnamese woman look charming. Finally, wearing the Ao Dai is practical. They don't have to think of what to wear at work everyday. Therefore, Vietnamese woman should wear the Ao Dai at work.

Firstly, the Ao Dai is inconvenient (consider the hot weather, unable to move freely). Secondly, if the government doesn't consider Ao Dai to be traditional costume, i think everybody will not willing to wear ao dai, except for those elders whose thoughts stayed with the feudal system. Thirdly, if someone praises Ao Dai, there must be another to depreciate it (it's the balance of life). Finally, to make the long story short, i'm not recommending Ao Dai to be worn [by women] at work, if obligatory, men should wear, too.

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