How to say hello in Vietnamese

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How to say hello in Vietnamese

I have ever read so many articles about Vietnamese Translation and teach how to translating Vietnamese, how to learn Vietnamese language but I am not realy satisfied and do not think it is right.

I am a Vietnamese. And all of what I say here is right and it is certainly useful for you.

Today, I would say about "hello" word in Vietnamese.

How to say hello in Vietnamese

Today, I would like to say about "hello" word in Vietnamese.

If English is "hello" so Vietnamese is "xin chào" or "chào bạn" (chao ban). And you could say "xin chao" or "sin chao" or just one word: "chao" - that is all right.

How to pronounce:

Xin chao (sin chao or shin chow)  = may sound like "seen chow". Pronounce of "chao" like the word the word "chow" or "zhao".

In English, you can use a lot of words to say instead of Hello, such as: Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening... or "Hi", "How are you"... but in Vietnamese you need just say "xin chao".


"Xin chao" may be use for one person or for many people.

If you want to be more polite, you could say: "xin chao cac ban" (cac ban = you, over two persons, over two friends).

If you want to use the phone and answer, the first question you should say: "a - lo" or sounds like "ah - low".

How to say How are you?

If you want to say "How are you" so you say: "Ahn khoe khong" for a man and "chi khoe khong" for a woman who is over the age of your or "em khoe khong" for a girl less the age of your.

How to spell "khỏe không" word: is like "k-oe  k-ong". Read more: English to Vietnamese Translation

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