English to Vietnamese translation

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English to vietnamese translation

How to translate English to Vietnamese when you traveling to Vietnam.

Vietnamese grammar structure is almost identical to Chinese. Vietnamese is the single syllable. That means that each one syllable in Vietnamese is a word (carrying the full meaning).


English: translate (3 syllables) = but Vietnamese: dịch

Or: beautiful = đẹp

The order in Vietnamese grammar is simple, but it's not too complicated in English


Beautiful = Đẹp (2) and Girl = Cô gái (1)

If you say (1) beautiful (2) girl, you can say (2): Cô gái đẹp

English: 1 -2 but Vietnamese: 2-1

English to Vietnamese translation

Here are some common Vietnamese words that you should know when you're traveling Vietnam:

Xin chào = Hello
Chào buổi sáng = Good morning
Chúc ngủ ngon = Good night

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Anh yêu em (if you are a man) or Em yêu anh (if you are a girl) = I love you
Em (for man) or Anh (for girl) rất xinh đẹp = You are very beautiful

Tôi yêu Việt Nam = I love Vietnam
Việt Nam rất đẹp = Vietnam is very beautiful

Tiếng Việt = Vietnamese

Tôi không biết tiếng Việt = I do not understand Vietnamese
Tôi không thể nói tiếng Việt = I can not speak Vietnamese

Translator English to Vietnamese

If possible,  you should use google translate [ https://translate.google.com ] to translate English to Vietnamese. But if you want more convenience, you can hire a Vietnamese language translator. In Vietnam there are many Vietnamese language translators but if you want to looking for a cheaper, you can meet a Vietnamese student in University of Hanoi Foreign Languages or Foreign Trade University. Or you can hire a tour guide who has just graduated from university.

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