What are characters of Vietnamese girl?

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Before writing about the personalities and characteristics of the Vietnamese girl, I've cross-referenced many other articles.

What are characters of Vietnamese girl?
A Vietnamese girl with Ao dai

I noticed that many articles with good content and truthful. However, there are many articles lacking many important details.

I am a Vietnamese. So, I better understand the characteristics and personality of the Vietnamese girl.

I do not know what I write below, which is characterized by many women of many countries in the world.

What are characters of Vietnamese girl?
Vietnamese girls

So, what are characters of Vietnamese girl?

1. Vietnamese women are quite shyness in communication, especially in love. How are women in your country?

2. They love themselves owned a white or pink kin

3. They do not like you praise them as sexy, instead let praise them are beautiful or pretty (Vietnamese is called "Đẹp")- If you praise her as sexy, it makes her feel like you are commented that she was a  depraved, damaged girl.

4. Love or marry foreign men is an extraordinary action in the eyes of Vietnamese girls. But now, more and more Vietnamese girl to marry foreign men.

5. Vietnam women and the Vietnamese generally pay more attention to the beauty of the face, do not be too concerned about the body.

6. To love a Vietnamese girl, you need to have a process of care, care for her before she say love you. So you have to be patient.

7. Most Vietnamese women want to just "going to bed together" when both have a wedding and marriage.

8. Vietnamese women believe in fate both in life and marriage.

9. In addition, if love someone, they need to see the age and horoscope to know that if it is God's decision.

10. Vietnamese girls are very interested in the family. They do not like adultery.

11. Vietnamese women just want to love only one man.

12. Vietnamese women do not like men drinking and smoking, but in Vietnam, the state of alcoholic men are quite common so they must accept.

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I will updating more...  

What are characters of Vietnamese girl?
Vietnamese girls

What are characters of Vietnamese girl?
Vietnamese girls and women

What are characters of Vietnamese girl?
Vietnamese woman

What are characters of Vietnamese girl?
What are characters of Vietnamese girl?

I like these comments:

Vietnamese women know how suit themselves in foreign countries or with foreign companions. They can easily make friends because they are respectful and friendly.

Vietnamese girls like men who are honest, dependable and chivalrous. In Vietnamese culture, women act as servants to their husbands and are treated unequally. Vietnamese women are looking for independence and fair opportunities.

Vietnamese girls don't believe in love at first sight. They believe that love has to nurtured and it takes time to bloom. Don't scare her away by telling her that you love her instantly. Patience is a virtue they greatly appreciate. - [By www.articlesnatch.com]

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