Vietnamese teen girl Midu (or Mi Du) - who is she?

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Her real name is Dang Thi My Dung - (Vietnamese called Đặng Thị Mỹ Dung). But the fans and young people in Vietnam are usually calling her is Mi Du. Even, many people only remember her nickname is Mi Du but not remember her real name is My Dung.

She was born on October 5th, 1989 as Dang Thi My Dung, Mi Du or Midu, as she is more popularly known, is an abbreviation of her given names.

Midu rose to fame starting in 2006, gaining a reputation as one of the hottest faces in Vietnam. In 2006, she was first known as a model for Hoa Hoc Tro magazine (for junior high school pupils and it is also a popular magazine for teenagers in Vietnam). After winning the Hot Vietteen 2007, a contest in which teens show off their talents and confidence, Midu became even more famous.

Many years now, the media in Vietnam had called her by the name is teengirl or hotgirl. The name is often called "hotgirl Mi Du".

Features of Mi Du she owns black eyes. Her face is not so beautiful, but she is much loved for youthful beauty and innocently that she created.

Besides modeling and fashion, she has also worked as an MC, artist, and actress. However, Midu is keen on proving that she is not just another cute face in the fickle Vietnamese fashion industry.

According to her facebook profile, this Vietnamese cutie is studying Fine Arts at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. In fact, she achieved the second highest score during the entrance exam for her university, which is one of the most famous in Vietnam. On top of this, Midu also runs her own boutique shop, where she is the resident stylist and model.

So far, Midu appears to be making a successful transition from teen sensation to established celebrity. Let’s see where this star’s hard work will take her…

I want to add some information about her: A few years ago, Mi Du is married. But she recently divorced after has a cute baby. Despite being single, but she is still working hard to raise her children. She retains a nice body, innocently face. Therefore, the fans have always supported and monitored her. [Continue with Part 2nd Photo]

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