Special beauty of Thuy Huong Model

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Special beauty of Thuy Huong Model
Special beauty of Thuy Huong Model

In Vietnam, there are so many beautiful women. However, photographers, artists and directors say that there is a woman who owns a very special beauty, she's Thuy Huong model. Her beauty is shown in Asian's bold face - more correctly say it is a unique beauty of Vietnamese women.

She owns a shines, mysterious and brilliant beauty. She is also one of six Vietnamese women with timeless beauty.

Huong Thuy was born in 1964. As a child, she was learning hard and good. She was selected to go to the provincial excellent student competition. At 18, she was pass the examination in Hanoi National University of Education. Later, she became a teacher in Tuyen Quang province - herself's homeland. But low-income, hard life, in 1992 she was in Saigon for a new career.

I would add that, Tuyen Quang is a beautiful area with many women in Vietnam. This is the place were born many beauty queens, models and actresses of Vietnam, just like when you talk about Venezuela.

In Saigon, owned by natural beauty, she was invited to become a model. And from here, she became a celebrity.

Thanks to the pure Asian beauty with the serious working style, Thuy Huong constantly being invited to join the  large fashion shows as 300 years Saigon, Makuhari (Japan)... and she was performing the collection of the reputation designers.

Special beauty of Thuy Huong Model

And then, she gradually reducing to participation in the fashion shows to move to a model for famous Vietnamese painters and photographers as Thanh Chuong, Tran Huy Hoan, Duong Minh Long... The paintings by Thuy Huong modeling are very beautiful and attractive. She brings the pure beauty of Vietnam, not only in real life, but also in oil paintings and artwork.

Familiar image of Thuy Huong in the oil painting that is a young Vietnamese girl in white "ao dai" (long dress) and pink lotus flowers [Read more: Vietnamese girls and lotus].

But from that point, Thuy Huong becomes more discreet, chooses a hidden life and less public appearance.

Hard work to accumulate spiritual capital, in 2001, Thuy Huong opened her own company specializing in export and advertising. Currently, Thuy Huong had a happy family and her children were growing up. Link to this article: Thuy Huong Vietnamese Model

Here is an album photo of Thuy Huong Model and other article: The woman has no age (Thuy Huong)

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