6 Vietnamese women have timeless beauty

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In Vietnam, there are so many beautiful women with timeless beauty, regardless of age. But here are 6 Vietnamese women own the timeless beauty:

1. The beauty of Thuy Huong - was born 1964. Please to read a latest article about the beauty of Thuy Huong.

So nice Thuy Huong

2. Thuy Tien - former actress - was born 1970

Thuy Tien today

3. Hong Nhung singer - was born 1970

Hong Nhung and her ex husband

4. Giang My Miss and actress - was born 1971

Giáng My

5. Viet Tring acctress - was born 1972

Viet Trinh

6. MC Thanh Mai - was born 1973

Giang My and Thanh Mai (left)

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