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Vietnamese Girls are Beautiful
Vietnamese Girls are Beautiful Photo

What do you think of Vietnamese girls? Does anyone think Vietnamese girls are beautiful? According to you, which country has the most beautiful girls in Asia?

I am a Vietnamese girl. So to be the most objective, I do not give my opinion here. Here are all the reviews of people who have lived in Vietnam, had traveled to Vietnam, or have ever come across many countries in Asia, so have the most objective comparison for the girls in Vietnam and Asia, too. I've been collecting, synthesizing and reintroduced in this article.

Are Vietnamese Women Beautiful or Ugly?

1. One of my bestest friend is half Vietnamese and half Chinese and she is absolutely gorgeous. I think she got most of her looks from her Vietnamese mother. She had the big round eyes and silky hair. I'm completely envious.

2. I like the charm, silk hair and especially in their Ao Dai (traditional costume).

The Vietnamese Girls Are The Most Beautiful In Asia, Is This Right?

3. Have you ever seen Vietnamese music video? They are definitely gorgeous.

4. I can only account for my point of view as a man. They are lovely. Not just lovely looking, but they are fun, intelligent, and open minded. The best looking Vietnamese women could easily be Miss Universes.

4. Vietnamese girls are nice. Every girls in Asia countries has different straits. You can't miss if you tell Japaneses or Korean women. Thai or Philippine women is hard to tell the different.

5. In general, apart from physical beauty and complexion, I admire their diligence.

6. A man said: "I think Vietnamese women are the most beautiful in Asia" on Yahoo Answer.

Vietnamese Women Are Good Looking

7. I have traveled and lived in most Asian countries for the last ten years, currently in Japan, and I find Vietnamese women to be the most beautiful in Asia.  Just don't tell my wife, she's Japanese.

8. Vietnamese girls are very strong. They have the capabilities to take care of their children, and very diligence. They work hard to support their family, and very sweet. nowadays, they are good looking too.

9. After a year in Viet Nam, I can say I saw only one gorgeous woman there. She was the creation of a French father and Chinese mother. Now, I see, up close, one Vietnamese woman's head, every 5 weeks, as she gives me a pedicure. She is not pretty but she does have a nice rack.

10. Why are you giving everyone who thinks Vietnamese girls are beautiful? Are you jealous? Those are the views of people who think they are beautiful and you should respect that. Why bother asking the question if you can't handle the answer? [Read: How to meet with and dating a Vietnamese girl]

Other opinion

11. They are lovely. However, for the unwary Westerner some can be tricky. Much depends on the girls upbringing. If you find a good one it would be very difficult to do better anywhere in the world.

12. I personally think that Asian women in general are usually quite beautiful!

13. As an Asian, they are on my top list 

A. Hmong [ Brenda song ] ] 
B. Korean [ look hot, but kind of slow "growing" ]
C. Viets [they have that sexy look ] 
D. Filipino [ they are kind of snobby ]

14. I have traveled and lived in most Asian countries for the last ten years, and I find Vietnamese women to be the most beautiful in Asia. Of course it depends on every person point of view. [Read: Admire the beauty of Vietnamese girl - Khanh My]

As for you, what are your comments about the Vietnamese girls? How beautiful are they in your eyes? How do Vietnamese girl look like? Check more out a Vietnamese Female Student

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