Le Quyen - a Vietnamese singer is liked most

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Le Quyen - a Vietnamese singer is liked most
Le Quyen Vietnamese singer

This girl in this image is Lệ Quyên. She is a name that many young Vietnamese people most talked about recently.

Lệ Quyên (born 1981), whose real name is Vũ Lệ Quyên, is a singer of light music of Vietnam. She is known after the release of the album "True Dream", this is an album was dominated Lệ Quyên become a promising young singer of  music scene in Vietnam.

Biography Lệ Quyên

She was born April 2, 1981 in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam. Since she was a student at the University of Culture (Hanoi), Lệ Quyên has entered a singer. However, her professional singing career only began in 2002 when she was opted to sing a song of donors for SEA Games 22 in Vietnam.

Le Quyen - a Vietnamese singer is liked most

Born in the north of Vietnam, but then Lệ Quyên imitated many other girls, moved to Saigon is located in the south of Vietnam to establish career by singers.

And after a few years, she became a singers with a strange voice and quickly succeed. In 2014, she was invited to overseas to sing. Lệ Quyên was released many albums of music and was so many audience favorited.

Now, Lệ Quyên has owned villas, luxury cars and always appears with luxury image in any event she participated. Her name was well known, and she was one of 10 singers have the highest salaries.

Lệ Quyên have a long time to live and perform in Hanoi. Lệ Quyên currently lives with her husband in Ho Chi Minh City to perform her singing dreams. Read more: [ Beautiful Vietnam Women ]

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