The beauty of Huong Tram - a new famous Vietnamese singer

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The beauty of Huong Tram - a new famous Vietnamese singer

Huong Tram, Vietnamese name means scent of melaleuca forests. Her full name is Pham Thi Huong Tram (born January 15, 1995).

She was born in the city of Vinh, Nghe An province, Vietnam. So Tram Huong owned central region voice of Vietnam. She was born in the family has tradition of art. Her father is an artist specializing in folk music. Her mother was a dance artists. Her brother is also a singer and has also been awarded the top prize in a music competition of Vietnam.

However, compared with many other famous Vietnamese singers, she has yet to be reached on this list. She became more famous and more widely known thanks to the style of dress more sexy.

The beauty of Huong Tram - a new famous Vietnamese singer

A few years ago, when Huong Tram started to become a singer, she has been criticized as too fat. Later, she was trying to lose weight. Currently, although there is no ideal height and perfect body but with dieting and use the ways to select the appropriate dresses, she has less chubby than the new first time to sing.

In recent times, her fashion style is becoming more daring and sexy since she decided to turn to sing the song of dance music genres. Currently, she becomes more famous after causing a scandal like to dress too sexy, immodestly while singing. She has also recently been banned to singing in 3 months for a sexy dress.

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