Miss Truc Diem - glamorous beauty of the Vietnamese and East Asians

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Truong Chi Truc Diem - Vietnamese Miss and beautiful girl
Truong Chi Truc Diem - Vietnamese Fashion Miss. Photo: www.wikilover.com

The charm girl in this photo is Truong Chi Truc Diem - a Vietnamese Fashion Miss and is a model.

Miss Vietnam Fashion Truong Chi Truc Diem is the only Vietnamese girl named in a Poll of 100 most beautiful faces in the world in 2014.

TC Candler popular website has published a list of Top 100 voted the world's most beautiful faces in 2014. In which, Miss Vietnamese Fashion Truc Diem unexpectedly entered this list. She was ranked at No. 67. The famous Chinese movie stars - Bingbing only be ranked before Truc Diem a hierarchical, with No. 66.

In 2011, she represented the beautiful girls of Vietnam attended the International Beauty Pageants but she only stopped by the top 15 because her English-speaking ability is fledgling.

Truc Diem is the beauty of Vietnamese girl with a noble and glamorous face, reflected characteristic beauty of the Orient.

In early 2015, the good news came to Truc Diem when she was honored at position the 67th in the list of top 100 of the world's most beautiful faces.

Besides, this beauty is also scurrying preparing to become the bride. Truc Diem said this makes the joy she felt doubly happy. Photo: www.wikichoices.com

Truc Diem Profile

Who is Miss Truc Diem? Truc Diem born in 1987, won the first runner up of Miss Vietnam Women through photos. In 2007, she was the representative for Vietnam to attend the Miss Earth, and then she was awarded the Miss Fashion.

Husband of Miss Truc Diem: The main occupation of Truc Diem is a fashion model. In addition, she was offered a role in a number of movies. In 2015, she was married to a husband is overseas Vietnamese, officially became a wife.

Source: Vietnamese Models
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