Miss Asian in America - Jennifer Pham

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Miss Asian in America - Jennifer Pham
Miss Asian in America - Jennifer Pham Photos

Asian Miss in America in 2006 - Jennifer Pham

After becoming the Miss in the US, she returned to Vietnam to live and then so many Vietnameses attention for her beauty. At that time, Jenifer Pham has not yet famous as now.

Subsequently, she married to a famous singer, called Quang Dung, is a guy who is so many Vietnamese youngth admired.

However, after the birth of a son was named Bao Nam, both of them divorced. By 2012, Jennifer Pham was married to a another man, called Duc Hai.

Currently, they have lived very happy.

After breaking up with her first husband, Jennifer Pham living as MC for the music and fashion show in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Their breakup has maked thousands of fans that have shocked, surprised. Because people do not suspect that they may split up.

Jenifer Pham is a girl who can speak English very well. Many men say that she is a woman who owns a loving face and younger than her age. Over time, she was dress more sexy than before.

Here is the biography of Jenifer Pham

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